11 Tips for Conquering Evil Dbq

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11 Tips for Conquering the Evil DBQ European history

1. Determine the task required by the prompt or question.

2. Read all documents and group them according to the task you have determined by numbering or lettering each document.

3. DO NOT LAUNDRY LIST DOCUMENTS. Example document 1 indicates, document 2 says, document 3 reveals…You must organize the documents into a logical argument. DO NOT ALLOW THE DOCUMENTS TO ORGANIZE YOUR ESSAY.

4. Refer specifically to the terms of the task. For example if the prompt requires evaluating cultural values… – be sure to refer explicitly to the terms cultural values in the body of your essay.

5. Use all of the documents. Please refer to each document by number in parenthesis each time you cite a document.

6. Be certain to incorporate a reference to any graph, chart, map, artwork, or any other kind of visual “document” – do not leave out reference to this type of “document” – doing so will cost serious points.

7. Follow rules of formal essay writing, i.e., two pages, five paragraphs, no slang, no personal reference, no contractions. Essay must be at least two pages.

8. Be certain to refer to the motive or point of view of the author in reference to the document being examined

9. Be certain to refer to any document that seems to disagree with the general trend of the other documents –keep in mind this may actually be the most efficient way to organize some essays. Similarly, make sure to refer to any document that is historically inaccurate.

10. Do not quote an entire document in your essay – unless it is short, concise, and makes and excellent point. Remember the use of a quote can be a great way to open or conclude an essay – use complete documents sparingly!!!

11. DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE INFORMATION!!!!! The AP European History exam does not require the use of outside information on the DBQ. You are only required to analyze the documents presented. Using outside information frequently results...
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