Role of Marketers

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Marketing management Pages: 4 (1549 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Being a customer, I do have a love and hate relationship with today’s marketers. It seems that in today’s market, in has become a must and a common culture that marketers take up various roles in the company and they are to treat their customers like goddess. They are supposed to be very customer-oriented. Customers are always right and marketers are to go all out to meet and satisfy their needs and wants. At times, they are supposed to take up the role to create customers’ needs by crafting out a new product or giving an improved version of an existing product. In actual fact, customers may not even need the product. An unnecessary product can sometimes become the must-have product if a marketer will to use the correct way to create the need in customer, convincing them that it is something that they cannot leave without. Being a marketer is not an easy task, it is important for them to have the ability to take up the different roles in the various areas. The roles that they play can range from coming up with creative ideas for an interesting campaign in their advertising and promotions to product distribution to customer service to knowing little bits and pieces in areas of communication, public relations, crisis management, trends and legal complications that comes with marketing. From my view, marketers hold a very important role in a company, they help in shaping what the public perceive it to be. They have strong influence in the way a company operates. On one side, they can be the persuader in the meeting with their client, convincing and being the “Yes” man and at the next moment, you can see them involving in the product development for their clients, giving out suggestions and ideas. They are always moving and thinking. In fact, I do consider them as the link that closes up the gaps between the public and the company. A person that knows all trades but they are not the masters. That to me is the role of marketers. Different industries perceived the...
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