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Topics: Marketing, Problem solving, Marketing management Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: December 6, 2010
A marketing manager had the duty of overseeing all marketing, advertising, and promotional activities, as well as staff. They are also the people who create marketing strategies and meet organizational objectives. A must for the job is being able to evaluate customer research, the conditions of the market, the competitor’s data and must be able to change and implement a marketing plan. A marketing manager, overall, is the leader of the business’s marketing organization. All the jobs performed by a marketing manager require knowledge of the field, people skills, and problem solving skills. It is not a job where one learns on the job, one must know the skills before you start.

The average salary of a marketing manager is $107,610. One can work their way to making $138,470. The hours may vary for this job position. They work the average forty hours a week, plus some. With all their job requirements, they are expected to work extra to solve any problems or work on any project. One may also have to travel quite a bit. To become a project manager there are no set requirements and/or qualifications for the position. This are is becoming very popular and has made the market for this job very competitive. It would be wise to obtain a degree, such as a masters in business or a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) certification. It would also be good to have “extensive experience in other marketing positions,” as well as having been a product manager. IT literacy is also a must. Although these can help one obtain the job, one does not have to have a certain amount of years or experience to become a product manager.

The hours are varied and one must have a lot of commitment to do this job well. One must be willing to let go of certain activities. The pay, however, is very good. One must out way the positives and negatives of this job to decide if they are willing to put the hours in to succeed at this job.
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