Roger's Chocolates Strategic Analysis

Topics: Chocolate, Strategic management, Retailing Pages: 102 (28274 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Rogers’ Chocolates I-case Strategic Assessment Report
November 13, 2012
Dr. Janice Black
Dara Servis

Executive Summary

Rogers’ Chocolates specializes in a wide variety of premium chocolates that are enjoyed by all who experience the products. Whether looking for a truffle, nut and chews, or premium ice cream, consumers can always expect high quality, handcrafted products. The firm prides themselves on high quality products and unique customer experience.

Throughout the dissection there were many opportunities and weaknesses to uncover. Strong consumer loyalty is an important strength that can help increase word-of-mouth of the brand. Many people look for information for new brands online through websites, reviews, and blogs. Loyal consumers can partake in a blog discussing the greatness of Rogers’ Chocolates to help spread awareness of the brand to consumers who do not know about them. In addition, extending the in-store chocolate experience that Rogers’ provides, to the web, may draw in consumers through interactivity of their website and help build stronger relationships in the future.

A major weakness uncovered at this time, is Rogers’ employees cautious of change as they believe it will compromise Rogers’ long-standing history and reputation. Newer technologies are available to make their jobs easier and more efficient as well as increase consumer awareness. If they gradually introduce new technologies into the company and involve employees in the transition process, the resistance to change should ease because employees will not feel as if the company is changing or sacrificing its history, but improving to create a long-lasting and profitable future.

A brief description of what will be dissected in the body of the assessment report for Rogers’ Chocolates consists of: the area of operations, external analysis, internal analysis, and the plan of action which will be developed in-depth in the body and appendices of the assessment report. This individual assignment challenged my ability to write throughout this writing intensive course.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Apple Analysis5
Areas of Operation5
Present Strategic Profile6
Performance Assessment6
Leadership and Governance6
Essential Challenges7
External Analysis7
Current Industry Framework7
Five Forces Analysis7
Key Success Factors7
Strategic Group Map8
Closest Competitors8
PESTLE Analysis8
Critical Change Summary with Opportunities and Threats8
Internal Analysis9
Strategy Diamond9
Internal Analysis Alignment9
Balanced Scoreboard9
Resources and Capabilities9
Creating Value9
Competitive Strength Assessment10
Summarizing Internal Analysis10
Plan of Action10
SWOT/TOWS Analysis10
Implementations and Execution11
Works Cited12
APPENDIX A: Areas of Operations13
APPENDIX B: Present Strategic Profile21
APPENDIX C: Performance Assessment30
APPENDIX D: Leadership & Governance39
APPENDIX E: Essential Challenges44
Appendix F: Current Industry Framework48
Appendix G: Five Forces53
Appendix H: Key Success Factors61
Appendix I: Strategic Group Map64
Appendix J: Closest Competitors Analysis66
Appendix K: PESTLE Analysis68
Appendix L: Critical Change Summary with Opportunities & Threats70
Appendix M: Strategy Diamond77
Appendix N: Internal Analysis Alignment80
Appendix O: Balanced Scorecard84
Appendix P: Resources & Capabilities86
Appendix Q: Creating Value90
Appendix R: Competitive Strength Assessment92
Appendix S: Summarizing Internal Analyses96
Appendix T: SWOT/TOWs Analysis100
Appendix U: Recommendations106
Appendix V: Implementations & Execution110

Apple Analysis
Areas of Operation
Rogers’ Chocolate has many challenges but is in a good position to grow their business. The company’s profits and revenues are continuing to increase but they are...
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