Rogers Chocolate- Case Analysis

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  • Published: October 30, 2010
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Roger’s Chocolates|
Case Analysis|

Table of Contents
External Analysis
A. Chief Economic Characteristics 3
B. Five Force Analysis 8
C. Driving Forces10
D. Overall Attractiveness of Industry13
E. Group Map15

Internal Analysis
A. Identification of Business Strategy15
B. Financial Analysis17
C. SWOT Analysis19

Test of Winning Strategy
A. Fit Test20
B. Competitive Advantage Test21
C. Performance Test23
D. Identification of Strategic Issues24
E. Recommendations25
F. Revenues/Expenses Projections26
G. Internet Summary26


External Analysis
A. Chief Economic Characteristics
Chief economic characteristics| Com*| PP*| Perspective of industry’s insiders| Perspective of industry’s outsiders| Perspective of Company| Market size: Medium $167 million -Rogers chocolates are expensive, mostly sold in Canada and good for a limited clientele | (-)| (+) | | | | Market growth rate: Medium, Slow (Stage of the product life cycle-Growth Stage)-Although this is a food, Roger’s chocolate is higher end and only caters to a few| (+) | (-)| | | | Scope of rivalry-Broad: Many other companies make chocolate, quality and name are really only what changes| (+) | (-)| | | | Number of rivalries-Moderate-Not too many higher end competitors in comparison to overall chocolate makers | (-)| (+)| | | | Product differentiation-Strong Medium: many types/flavors of chocolate possible-i.e. milk, dark, white and can add jelly or bits of items to the actual chocolate like raspberries, strawberries, almonds etc…| (+) | (-)| | | | Buyer’s needs & Number of Buyers: (Many - Few) Many buyers of chocolate for fun and for cooking. There will always be a market for chocolate;...
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