Robert Rubin and Mr. Prince

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To summarize, the company faces several problems. The last two years have shown that it is not only slow to adapt to changing conditions but also unwilling to look for new markets. Moreover the management structure of the company is unsuitable for this kind of business. Besides the excessive number of managers there is the problem of poorly defined responsibilities. Like the ratio between salary and commission is out of proportion.

The growth of Formula One over the last ten years has been extraordinary. With 400 million people watching each race it is perhaps the world's number one sport, although football also makes this claim. Formula One is the ideal marketing tool for companies, as shown by the fact that sponsors for Jaguar, like Ford, Pag, and HSBC are very happy - despiet the fact that Jaguar is not actually very successful on the track. Most years the sport is dominated by two teams, Ferrari and McLaren-Mercedes, although other teams like BAR Honda, BMW Williams and Benetton Renault are important as well. Although Ferrari and McLaren-Mercedes have huge sponsorship deals. Ferrari's sponsors inculde Marlboro, Fiat and Shell, whereas McLaren-Mercedes have Mercedes, Mobil and Computer Associates. These two top teams each have a budget of over 300 million, and money comes in from direct sponsorship and trade support as well as merchandising, TV rights and prize money. Ferrari has an unusual problem. Their brand name is very famous and the team is very successful, yet they only sell around 6,000 cars a year. The problem is that they are not directly associated with a mass volume car producer, all the other teams are. In reality Ferrari is controlled by Fiat, but despite being the main owner Fiat gets little publicity when Ferrari wins. Many years ago Gianni Agnelli, the Fiat boss, wanted to rename the case Fiat Ferrari. Although he tried, he failed. A man called Enzo Ferrari, a legend in Italy, stood in his way. He died in 1989 and Agnelli respect his wishes, but things may change in the future.

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The View From Your Airplane Window Was Brought to You by ... By ERIC PFANNER
LONDON, Sept. 24 — With airlines turning seat backs, tray tables and even overhead bins into advertising platforms, gazing out the window of an airplane has been one of the last ways to enjoy a marketing-free moment. It looks as if that, too, is about to change — at least during that tedious time on the approach to landing, between the end of the in-flight entertainment program and touchdown on the runway. A start-up called Ad-Air, based here, said Monday that it had created what it called the "first global aerial advertising network" — giant, billboardlike ads that will be visible from the air as planes approach runways. "What an incredible marketing opportunity — all these passengers with nothing else to do, staring down at the ground below," said Paul Jenkins, managing director of Ad-Air. Ad-Air said it had secured regulatory and planning approval to set up ad sites near more than a dozen major airports, including Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle near Paris, Hartsfield-Jackson near Atlanta, Denver International, Los Angeles International, Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok, Haneda in Tokyo and Dubai International. It said it was still negotiating with others to create a network of ad sites near 30 airports over all. The first site will be set up near Dubai International next month, with an unidentified real estate developer as the initial advertiser, Mr. Jenkins said. He said Ad-Air was talking to a number of big brands about other sites, but declined to provide any names. The introduction of Ad-Air comes amid strong growth in what the marketing industry calls outdoor advertising, which includes ads on...
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