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Topics: Philippines, José Rizal, Philippine Revolution Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Manlongat, Artemio Gonzalo A.
Movie Review: Jose Rizal by Marilou Diaz- Abaya
In the film Jose Rizal by Marilou Diaz-Abaya, many facts about the life and the last days of Dr. Jose Rizal was presented. However, many inconsistencies according to history were depicted in the movie. The inconsistencies, I think are to enrich and to give the movie more substance as it progresses. These inconsistencies were; the friend of Dr. Jose Rizal that visits him in his cell, Simoun died because of a gunshot, the writing of another ending for his novel El Filibusterismo, and the night on the eve of the last day of Dr. Jose Rizal were not spent with the Jesuits who persuaded him to retract.

First, the friend of Dr. Jose Rizal that visits him is his cell. The series of visits that his friend did was emphasized on the first half of the film and was shown to wake Dr. Jose Rizal in the day of his execution in Bagumbayan. This scene cannot be possible because only authorized and selected people can visit Dr. Jose Rizal in his cell, for example his lawyer Luis Taviel de Andrade.

Second, Simoun died because of a gunshot. In the movie, this scene was depicted while Simoun was running from the guardia civil and they eventually shot him. According to the novel El Filibusterismo of Dr. Jose Rizal, Simoun died because he poisoned himself to prevent the guardia civil in catching him alive.

Third, the writing of another ending for the novel El Filibusterismo. In the movie it was shown that Dr. Jose Rizal was hallucinating and he saw the character he created, Simoun appealing to him about his works, and telling Dr. Jose Rizal of how he should have ended the novel. Which lead to Dr. Jose Rizal in reflecting to himself and wrote another climax of his novel El Filibusterismo. This is inconsistent with history because there and it is obvious that is something made up for the viewers to be more interested in the film.

Fourth and the last one, the eve of the last day of Dr....
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