Topics: Spanish Civil War, Fascism, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Erinn Gonzales
Prof. Jose Ornelas
Spa 397 Cinema
Analytical Paper #3

The Influence of the political figure Franco and Patriotism in the film Ay Carmela!

Although this movie was made and released in the 90’s it was set during the Spanish civil war. Which is interesting in that it gives a more modern view on what some to be considered fascist Spain. Gwynne Edwards interviewed Saura for a book that was published in 1995 where Saura states:

"I would have been incapable a few years ago of treating our war with humor… but now it is different, for sufficient time has passed to adopt a broader perspective, and here there is no doubt that by employing humor it is possible to say things that it would be more difficult if not impossible to say in another way". Although Franco tried to follow a more monarchal government, his views and actions, and leadership followed more along the lines of Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. In turn Franco’s views and actions had a great affect on the movie.

Saura chose to show a different side of the Spanish Civil war, using humor and also being serious, he showed the view of the republicans and how the the Nationalist, with use of brutality and violence, could easily persuade republicans to switch side. Carmela and Paulino, are husband and wife, with seemingly similar views on the side of the republicans. They ran a variety show for the republicans to help keep the troops in good spirits. They parodied Franco and his men, with the help of Gustavete, their mute sidekick. The movie opens up to the show, but soon into it we find that they are not as involved with the revolution as we think. Paulino wanted to do this show to avoid being drafted into the war and all Carmela wants to do is return home because representing the republicans isn’t as comfortable or as lucrative as she thought it be. On their way back home, along with Gustavete, they are stopped by men in the Nationalist army and detained for having Republican...
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