The Count of Monte Cristo: a Reaction Paper

Topics: Actor, José Rizal, El filibusterismo Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: October 1, 2011
The Count of Monte Cristo: A Reaction Paper
My sister asked me to write this for her assignment..

This story had intrigued me ever since I found out that this was one of the favorite novels of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. I was excited to see how this story was being put on screen, and how the actors would portray the characters. I had not read the book because I wasn’t born a bookworm like my sister. I would rather watch than read stuff. But I somehow knew that the theme and plot were classical, that it revolved around what rich and poor people can or cannot do when it comes to influence and power, and the revenge of Edmond Dantes.

As I watched the movie, the plots of Dr. Rizal’s books, the El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere flashed back to my mind. I noticed similarities in them: Ibarra’s abduction and imprisonment and the undying love for Maria Clara in Noli Me Tangere, and his disguise as Simoun and revenge in El Filibusterismo. Rizal must have a good time reading Alexander Dumas’ obra maestro. Like Rizal, I had a wonderful time-- watching the movie-- as well. And after the movie ended, I was able to give a justification why it was made into a movie. It was indeed a kind of classical story that’s not to be missed in a lifetime.

I would say that the actors and actresses did not disappoint me. They did portray the characters well. There were three parts of the movie wherein I had a kind of intense emotions: firstly, sympathy when Dantes was put to prison because of sabotage. It reminded me of how I hated people who do everything to get something, selfishly. Secondly, I felt hope and conviction to be inspired and to pursue a goal when the priest helped and taught him everything he could and thirdly, hope and fright when Edmond fought his bestfriend-turned-worst enemy by sword. I was so scared because it was Ferdinand’s forte yet felt hope that this time he could beat Ferdinand because the priest had taught him well. It...
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