Rizal Reflection

Topics: José Rizal, Philippine Revolution, Philippines Pages: 4 (1283 words) Published: February 19, 2013
It all started with stating the truth Rizal sapamamagitan his novel. The Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo became the step to increase the curtain to expose to the view that the deceptive words nasalikod government and church. In the novel answered the destructive defamatory allegation to the Filipinos. Stated the poor condition of the Philippines, they cry. Because of Rizal's novel, lived in the hearts of the Filipinos their anger at government rebel and achieve independence of the Philippines against the government of Spain mapanlinglang. For this reason, the government of Spain is accused of Jose Rizal as the ringleader of revelation. Even his brother Paciano was tortured for Rizal paaminin that are relevant to such a revelation. November 1896, Rizal was arrested and taken to Fort Santiago. There he was forced to ipinaaamin when he related revelation. Rizal also recalls his past, how naikwento Paciano him by hanging three priests Martyr to martyrdom, the teaching of his mother, Teodora Alonzo proper prayer and the story of the young moth, he's going to BIA ± an to study, the incarceration of her mother two years due to allegations that he poisoned her sister-in-law, his life at the Ateneo Municipal and treatment of eye problems Rizal in his nanang. Like other defendants, Rizal were pinapili his lawyer for the defense to his side. Taviel Luis de Andrade, brother of former guards Taviel Jose Rizal, was the lawyer said. He Naikwento his life here at the University of Santo Tomas. In Santo Tomas medico course he would take. In her stay here, she learned not all people are equal. Extremely discrimination of Filipino students here. Sometimes they meet in both students Filipinos they inaway students injured Espaà ± ol that Rizal. Bound up his wounds while Leonor's father was also Leonor, his cousin and girlfriend, he comforted the angry heart of Rizal. Many were discussed Rizal and Taviel. One of these is the Rizal fought. According Taviel, the novel's Rizal...
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