Rizal Analysis

Topics: Philippines, Philippine Revolution, José Rizal Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Movie Analysis of Rizal
The movie Jose Rizal tells the life story of National Hero during the 19TH century where the Philippines is under the Spanish colonization. The film starts with Jose Rizal in Belgium where he was writing his Novel, but I think the most appropriate setting is the place where our National hero was born, and it was in Calamba, Laguna. Characters of this movie made a realistic portrayal of their role. Like those Spanish characters where they really use Spanish language and you can feel that it was really during 19th century. Archbishop Bernardo, Andres Bonifacio, Paciano, Luis Taviel de Andrade and of course Jose Rizal are the characters that made the movie more exciting. Archbishop Bernardo was a Catholic priest who always wants to rein the place. Priest should be the role model of the people but Archbishop Bernardo was no good, because the movie exposes how evil he was. He even rapes a Filipina and during his sermon he always scares the people. Andres Bonifacio was also a significant character in the movie. He was the founder of KKK or Katipunan. He’s a fanatic of Rizal, whom he got his inspiration to revolt against the Spanish, upon reading the novels of Rizal, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Bonifacio aimed that Philippines would be free from the Spanish tyranny and he done that by having bloody revolution in which Rizal was not in favor of. Paciano, the elder brother of Jose Rizal. He was the one who planned the whole thing about Rizal.He was the one sent Rizal to Spain and instructed that he should write everything to get the attention of the world from the abuses of Spaniards. Luis Taviel de Andrade was a Spanish officer who was appointed to defend Rizal in his trial. At first Taviel don’t trust and views him as a revolutionary. As the story continues Taviel became close with Rizal and defend him whole-heartedly.

Jose Rizal was the greatest contributor in our history. At his early age he always excels in school. He attended...
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