Philippine Revolution and Rizal

Topics: Philippines, Philippine Revolution, José Rizal Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Jose P. Rizal, known as the national hero of the Philippines shown his life history covered from his childhood to his execution at the hands of the Spanish military on 19 century on the movie who performed by Caesar Montano, a Filipino actor. I also viewed how and why he written his novels and poetry during the Spaniard regime. Thus, he revealed the sorrow of the society on that time.

In this movie all the attribute of Rizal in different fields like being a writer, painter, linguistic, sculptor, doctor and so on was shown. I seen how much a gifted child Rizal is and I’m so amaze on him. He is really a genius man. He is not only an expert in those mention profession but also he is a good brother, son and great lover.

Moreover, the film made known the line of attack did by our heroes and countrymen to achieve the freedom of our country under the rule of the Spaniards friar and military force. There were a lot of discrimination and ruthless treatment in Filipino on that period and that is the reason of the rebellions between Filipino and Spaniards. Even in school, it was felt by Rizal and other Filipino students. Many Filipinos were suffered. They were the servant of the Spaniards. Andres Bonifacio, Aguinaldo Jacinto and the other members of the “Katipunan” led the “himagsikan” for the independence of our beloved nation. Unfortunately, for the several battles we were lost.

Tandang Sora takes part in giving first aid for those who injured throughout the fight. Although she is very old and it is a crime to help defiant people, still she applies her medicinal knowledge. She proved that she really loved the country and she does not agree upon the Spaniards administration.

Rizal used pen as his weapon rather than sword in fighting against the Spaniards administration, he written it in novels and poetry. The most famous in his writings are the “Noli Me Tanghere and El Fili Pusterismo”. Some historian said that Bonifacio and...
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