Rizal Law Lecture

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R.A. 1425 - Rizal Law

*Students are required to study Rizal’s life, works, and writings in all public and private high schools, colleges, and universities.

R.A. 1425| Noli-Fili Bill|
* Legislated Course * Life, works and writings of Rizal must be studied. * Students in all public and private high schools, colleges, and universities are required to read. * Required to read unexpurgated versions of the Noli and El Fili * Students can be exempted from reading the unexpurgated versions of the novels but they cannot be exempted from taking the course. | * Also called the ‘Recto Bill’ * Jose P. Laurel – chair, committee on Educ-Senate * Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo|

Objectives of the Rizal Law:
1. Reawaken sense of nationalism – love of country and independence 2. Open eyes of Filipinos – colonial mentality – Americanized Filipinos 3. By studying Rizal, students would feel proud of their nationality and history

*The Rizal Law that passed congress in 1956 was just a substitute bill. *The original bill, Noli-Fili Bill, was authored by Claro M. Recto.

Noli Fili Bill
* Senate Bill no. 438 authored by Jose P. Laurel.
* House Bill no. 5561 authored by Cong. Jacobo Gonzales (only a photocopy of the senate bill no. 438) *The Rizal Law was passed during the period of Nationalist Reawaking – Teodoro Agoncillo. *Main proponents of the Noli-Fili Bill: Rector and Laurel.

*The Rizal Law is just an amended version of the Noli-Fili bill.

BICAMERAL Legislature
* House of Representatives and Senate -> First Reading (will be read in the plenary where it will be delegated by a specific committee) & Second Reading (will be read again in the plenary with amendments) & Third Reading & Bicameral Conference Committee -> Approval or Veto of the President. *Veto means rejection.

* When a bill is signed by the President, it’ll then be a Republic Act. * If a...
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