Rizal's Life, Struggles and Mishaps

Topics: Philippines, José Rizal, Spanish people Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: February 28, 2011

Rizal is one of the famous hero in our country. Even me, I recognized Rizal as the best hero in the Philippines. Not only because of his works but also for his sacrifice to our country. Dr. Jose Rizal is a unique example of many-splendored genius who became the greatest hero of a nation. He's a very talented person, a genius. I admire his works and his love for his family. He's a man that knows how to love the family.

Rizal's life story was full of love and hope. His mother taught him how to make poems, read Spanish inscriptions like the Bible, story books and among others. He was also a dedicated brother to his siblings and a son to his parents. Hes got a lot of talents and skills. He knew how to perform magic, paint various picturesque scenes, did sculpturing, played the piano and the harp and others. He was such a gifted child that when he entered school, some of his classmates got jealous at him. Even though the case, he still strived his hardest and tried to search for answers that linger in his emotions, in his thoughts, in his mind and in his heart, of why the Spanish people continued to oppress the Filipino people so easily, without even showing any mercy at the very least.

In school life, Rizal was always at the top. His first school was in Biñan, Laguna under the supervision of a teacher who was a family friend and was his older brother's teacher, Paciano. During his matriculation at this school, he surpassed all the Biñan boys in all fields of academics. His first year was not the ordinary type. He excelled in his classroom, being the emperor. He even started as an externo, the lowest position a student may acquire during his student life. But Rizal, being the earnest and hardworking type of person, did an extraordinary job of beating all the previous high-positioned classmates of his and had stolen the emperor seat. Because of that fact, he was even awarded with a religious picture. That is the first award he received.

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