Topics: José Rizal, Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: May 11, 2011
After seeing Dr. Jose Rizal’s life through the movie, I’ve learned so much about him, aside from the common things. At his younger years, Rizal showed so many traits and the most important thing is his nationality. And even though faced with the far more superior Spaniards, Rizal showed no sign of fear. Rizal at his attainment of higher education at Ateneo Municipal even showed that he was far more superior to the Spaniards. He finished a Medical course with “Excellent” remarks. From this his educational achievement, I can really say that even though he was seen as a lower person, he showed that he was far superior and smarter than them. Rizal’s peaceful way of revolt against the Spaniards started when he was in Spain and his friend told him that many bad things have been happening to Philippines, most especially to his hometown, Calamba. He wrote a novel with the main character named Crisostomo Ibarra, personifying himself living in a place somewhat resembling Philippines. It also showed the malfunctions of the Spanish Government administrating Philippines. Having read Rizal’s novel, the Spaniards showed this as treason against their rule in the Philippines. At the time Rizal was convicted of treason, he showed no fear and remained in his peaceful arms against the Spanish Government. He remained strong, in the face of death.

I’ve reflected from the movie the nationality of Rizal for our country. Indeed he was a noble man, for he used peaceful means against the Spaniards to let them know that what they’ve done to our country was wrong. He was humble because even thought he learned so many things he remained down to earth, humorous based on the movie I’ve seen he still throw jokes to the Spaniards when other people at his place would tremble and he never fails in making everybody smile and intellectual for he has attained many things and used them for good reasons. Indeed Dr. Jose Rizal is the Philippines Greatest Hero.
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