Risk Management in Health Care

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Risk Management in Long Term Care
Cornelia R. McCoy
March 6, 2012
Shelby Frutchey

Risk Management in Long Term Care
In any occupational field, risk management refers to liability, proactively and reactively. Risk management, when it comes to health care, honors the safety of patients, quality assurance and patients’ rights. The potential for risk infuses all aspects of health care, which includes medical errors, the keeping of electronic records, and provider facilities along with facility management.

The Purpose of Risk Management in Long Term Care
The purpose of risk management, over all, is to boost patients' safety, defend against accidents, make sure companies are compliance with law, and flee legal exposure, which usually ends as a loss or litigation.  Health Care Organizations must address the actual facility, equipment, staff, visitors and patients, which include not only families of patients, but also, attending physicians in private practice, whose patients are being treated as well. Risk management in Long Term Care, requires a multi tasking effort. The physician’s responsibility is very important for providing and upholding successful, proficient, and safe health care. Long term care physicians have to be not only medically competent, but they must also be aware of different ways to promote optimal health care, decrease any risks to patients, and prevent any malpractice suits.

Steps to take to identify and manage risks
There are many mechanisms for identifying risks in long term care, as well as other corporations. They are as follows: * Customer complaints
* Satisfaction surveys
* Accreditation survey reports
* Regulatory reports
* State licensure surveys
* Internal audits
* Incidents report
* Infection control data
* Performance improvement data
* Staff interview, meetings or discussions
Once the risks a plan have been identified and measured, a plan is designed and implemented to...
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