Service Learning Project

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Service Learning Project
Kim Flanagan
Nur 220

One of the many responsibilities that nurses have is to teach to their patients. Teaching is important for not only their specific patients, but for the whole community to promote health. For my service learning project, I used J. L. She is a family friend of my grandparents. For the second part of the service learning, I evaluated her environment for any safety risks. I decided to teach to her about fall risks due to her living conditions. She has hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and history of Graves’ disease. From her older medical conditions, she takes some medications. Drugs can also play an affect in the person’s fall risk. “Any drug therapy that includes sedation, impaired conscious state, hypotension, brady-arrythmias, cerebral hypoperfusion, postural instability, and muscle weakness or relaxation increases the risk of an older person falling” (Jones & Whitaker, pg. 51 2011). One of the biggest causes of falling is due to hip/knee surgery (Robertson K, et al, 2012). The elderly are more at a risk for falls. Falls can have a ripple effect on the older adults. My client lives in an apartment complex with other older adults. Physical injury and fear of having further falls can restrict physical and social activities, leading to emotional hurt, such as embarrassment, and social isolation (Jones & Whitaker, 2011). This will cause a person to become withdrawn, lack confidence, and can lead to other psychological problems, such as depression. Literature Review

I went on to the SRC online library where it was very helpful to me for my project. Downing (2011) listed risk factors for fall risks, such as dementia, dizziness, Parkinson’s, syncope, epilepsy, hypotension, eye diseases, osteoarthritis, dehydration, and osteoporosis. Downing (2011) stated how to reduce fall risks by performing a fall risk assessment before their care plan is written. Robertson K,...