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Mariamma Joseph
Grand Canyon University

Literature search
Rush, K., Robey-Williams, C., Patton, L., Chamberlain, D., Bendyk, H., & Sparks, T. (2009). Patient falls: acute care nurses' experiences. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 18(3), 357-365. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2702.2007.02260.x. Retrieved from EBSCOhost on August 20, 2012. Abstract This study describes an acute care nurses’ experiences with patient falls in hospital settings. Patient falls have became a major public health concern in hospitals, thus safety is the main goal for the nursing profession and the motto do no harm to our patients is nursing’s ongoing aim. However, falls continue to be a problem in nursing, despite the introduction of fall risk assessment tools and identification of risk factors. Methodology used in this study was qualitative design and nurses participated from different areas of the hospital including cardiology, general surgery, and trauma. Group study method was used to attain vast areas of information about nurses’ experience with falls, ideas, and dialogue. Data analysis was done by using careful reading of each phrase and paragraph described by the nurses, and clarifying the findings with participants to make sure it reflects reality. Key strategies used were risk assessment, monitoring, and variable conditions like patient’s distance from nursing station, staffing adequacy, and communication between nurses, patients, and their families. Falls were highly stressful events for nurses and coping strategies used included self-recognition of their accountability for patient falls in this study, and acknowledgement that patient falls were often beyond their control.

Koh, S., Manias, E., Hutchinson, A., & Johnston, L. (2007). Fall incidence and fall prevention practices at acute care...
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