Rhythm and Variety in a Paragraph

Topics: Writing, Grammatical person, Word Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: March 24, 2011
I found that the first paragraph about how important it is to have a will most effective. I found this paragraph most effective because the writer had rhythm and variety in the paragraph. The writer because he had rhythm and variety his information flowed. The writer stated facts about how important it is to have a will. I believe it is very important to have a will. When my grandmother passed all her belongings went to my uncle. I never received the belongings she had told me she was leaving me in her will. Even though, a family member tells you they are leaving you something behind, it is important to have a will to back it. I liked how the writer got the information across with a variety of sentences and rhythm. This paragraph was most effective in the way the writer kept my attention, by using rhythm and variety in his writing.

My feed back from writepoint was very helpful to me about my paragraph. Writepoint was helpful to me, because it pointed out things I didn’t realize I had wrote incorrectly. It pointed out how I used vague words in my paragraph. Writepoint suggested that I use words like receive instead of using the word get. It also pointed out that the word ‘thing’ is a wording gimmick to avoid further description. That is helpful to me, because I didn’t realize that about the word ‘thing’. Also writepoint suggested that if the word they refers to a member it should be singular. I now know that you should eliminate second person in academic documents and avoid addressing the reader directly. Another thing I learned is to avoid referring to yourself in the third person. On a personal account you should use first person. I see now why using writepoint it was very important when writing an academic paper.

In the future I will use writepoint to make sure my papers are adequate. I found that using writepoint to correct my papers was very informative. There were things that it brought to my attention that I didn’t think were wrong. I like how it...
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