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The paragraph most effective was the first paragraph, it talks speaks of wills. I found it the most effective because it is a subject that should concern everyone. I found it interesting because it states that everyone needs a will and that is true. Not everyone has a will and the writer speaks of the tragedies that happened to him because of his father not possessing a will. Sentence variety means using different styles of sentences, either they are long or short, or use different rhythms. The writer of the sentence was a bit boring and he did not have a good rhythm, after I was done reading the short paragraph, I became annoyed. The author of the paragraph did not have a good rhythm because he became a little repetitive at the end of the paragraph. Throughout the middle of the paragraph the author states that his father did not have a will, at the end, the author talks about not being able to start college soon enough and once again, he mentions his father did not have a will. WritePoint is a tool every student should use. WritePoint is very helpful and can help a student become a better writer. I like using WritePoint because when they give feedback they give examples instead of just stating how to do it. For example, I used the word “having” and the feedback I got was stating, “[Writing suggestion--"having" as a transitive verb is vague. Reconsider the sentence using "possessing," "acquiring," "developing," etc. Often "having" can simply be deleted.” I like the fact that WritePoint gives you examples of words you can replace instead of just letting the writer know that they need to change the word. The only thing I did not like about the feedback I received was when I wrote the word “being” it asked me if I wrote it as in “human being” and it gave me examples of other words I can use but it just got me very confused. All in all, WritePoint is a very helpful tool and can help improve a student’s writing. I plan to use WritePoint in the future as long as I am...
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