Rh Bill: Right or Wrong

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Name: Hannah Rosemarie HuyoDate: January 25, 2013
Yr. & Sec.: II-IxoraTeacher: Mrs. Alita Labiaga

Reproductive Health BILL

* Prevents spread of sexually transmitted disease like aids and STDs and eventually control population growth necessary for economic development * Allow couples to make decision to plan for their families * Enhance woman's health as she will be able to determine when to get pregnant * Prevents unwanted pregnancy


* Couples can easily have sex with another partner without getting pregnant * More Premarital Sex


After reading what it was all about, I closed my eyes and think. Is this really the best way? Can there be no more space for the couples to communicate each other and plan the right way without using these contraceptives? Yes RH Bill can help the family in planning the number of children they want. Using these contraceptives can stop the spread of STDs. It can also avoid unwanted pregnancy but this unwanted pregnancy was made because of what the couple did. If only they tried harder to suppress their feelings for they are not yet ready for the possibility of pregnancy, then this event wouldn’t have occurred. This RH Bill can also help lead the married couples to divorce for they will not be afraid to find another partner to have sex because there are contraceptives to prevent the pregnancy. And if there is a mistake then this might lead to abortion. True sex is hard to prevent since sex is probably one of the strongest forces on earth and is in us—and it is almost always impossible to control but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stop ourselves from doing these activities even if we are not ready yet. We are not animals who couldn’t control our feelings. The use of contraceptives should only be given to the people with STDs.
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