Topic Outline and Working Reference

Topics: Adolescence, History of the Internet, Communication Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Topic Outline and Working Reference
Kimberly Williams
University of Phoenix

Topic Outline and Working Reference
Topic Outline and Working References list Checkpoint
Thesis: Media is an important part of a young adult life because it bolsters parent Knowledge while promoting communication, is used as an educational resource, and is a source for sexual health information. I. Online media opens up adolescents to the larger world A. The international nature of the current online media

1. Twitter
2. Having connectivity online exposes youth to news and other media nationally and internationally. B. The internet facilitates communication with other
1. Internet Services as a non-prejudicial atmosphere where teens are not judged by how they look. 2. People can connect based on interests online regardless of where they are from are live II. Teens can take part in online learning

1. Teens can research favorite subjects regardless of where the nearest library is. 2. Most Colleges including MIT offer these online courses. III. Adolescents can use the online format to talk about subjects to embarrassing to talk about with parents. A. Legitimate sources are using the internet to communicate to teens about sexuality B. 1. Centers for disease control and other government agencies are using media to C. Communicate.

D. 2. Research shows adolescents are receiving little or no parental communication about E. Sex. Most information is received from friends or media such as internet, music videos, and Televisions. IV. Online media can keep teens connected through email and other formats during most conflicts. A. College students can use email parents daily, who can monitor changes in their teen’s mood. 1. 1. Depressed teens can become isolated and alone, but the internet provides a source Of connection and communication.

3. The internet can be used as a sounding board where teens do not hold everything in....
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