Human Sexuality and Young People

Topics: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse, Marketing Pages: 8 (2368 words) Published: June 16, 2011

A. Company Vision, Mission and Values

B. Goals and Objectives (Strategic & Financial)

* To be the top manufacturer on the contraceptive market that will be well known throughout the country as well as other countries. With the use of high quality materials in the entire Durex product the safety and pleasure of the customer is assured.

* To fear of unplanned pregnancy, and to give the customer a sure way of being protected from harmful transmitted diseases Provide Safe Sex for the people who use the product without the

C. Corporate Strategy / Business Strategy

D. Marketing Strategies

1. Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

Since condom use typically begins young and the role of the brand is very high for condoms, Durex heavily targets young people, using youth media such as MTV, the Internet, free samples on campuses, and sponsoring youth events. Another way Durex creates interest in its brand and guarantees press attention is by publishing its annual sex survey. The survey of 5000 participants with ages varying over the years across 14 countries allows Durex to behave  as  the  leader  in  condom-related information  –  reinforcing  the  feeling  that you’re  in  good  hands  with  such  an experienced,     knowledgeable brand owner as Durex is doing sex surveys every year to explore situation on the market. Durex Company in Croatia is also dealing with these researches. Results of Durex Sex survey 2005 showed that people in Croatia are having sex for the first time at an average age of 17.3. People have had an average number of 7.5 sexual partners (men have had more sexual partners than women - 10.2 compared with 6.9).Almost half (47%) of all adults globally have had unprotected sex without knowing their partner’s sexual history, in Croatia this percentage is 51. Women are less likely to take risks than men - 45% have had unprotected sex, compared to 48% of men. Almost two thirds (65%) of 45-55 year olds have risked unprotected sex, compared to a third (33%) of 16-20year olds. In Croatia 2% of sexually active population have had an unplanned pregnancy aged 18 or under and 6% aged 19 or over. 11% have had an STD. In Croatia 74% of people believe that young people should practice safe sex.52% adults in Croatia claim to be happy with their sex lives, 45% are open minded when it comes to sex, 16% likes to experiment with sex toys, 44% likes to be inspired and are looking for new ideas. 33% wish to have sex more often. 50% had one night stand. Only 7% thinks that their sex live is monotonous.17% are claiming to have had an extra marital affair, 12% tried three in bed, 14% had homosexual experience, and 7% prefers sadomasochism and 4% practices tantric sex. 23% have used masks, blindfolds or other 26 forms of bondage, 24% have used lubricants (66% for anal sex, 58%vaginal dryness, 41% to make sex less painful), 17% using vibrators.75% buys vibrators in sex shops and 20% over the internet. Globally, people are having sex an average of 103 times a year, with men(104) having sex more often than women (101), Croatians are having sex an average of 134 times a year. What can we conclude from this research? Durex in Croatia should segment market on basis of age (16-18, 19-25, 25-30, 31 and more), should make people aware of STD and unwanted pregnancy through education of them. We should also encourage people not to be ashamed of using vibrators and lubricants. We want our customers to be safe and enjoy! Croatians are having sex often and are perfect material for condoms trading. Country is becoming open for new religions, but is still mostly catholic which is why people are sometimes afraid of their sexual wants and needs. TARGETING

According to our sex survey, with which we have completed our process of segmentation, we have divided our market into two main target groups. Our first group is consisted of young people, male and female, from...
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