Compare and Contrast - Democratic vs. Republican Views on Birth Control

Topics: Birth control, Sex education, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 4 (1336 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Americans are influenced by the government and it affects many of their medical decisions including those of birth control. Birth control controversies in the United States have been a prevalent topic for many years. In fact, the earliest known usage of contraceptives dates back to ancient Egypt. “Over time, other methods of birth control were invented and tested, including vaginal sponges, diaphragms, and intrauterine devices or IUDs” (“Birth Control”). The usage of such contraceptives became controversial and a main topic when it came to political races. The Democratic and Republican opposing viewpoints on modern birth control affect the country and the medical choices people make depending on its availability and distribution, parental consent, and sexuality education classes.

In the Republican Party, birth control is viewed as an unnecessary device with many possible repercussions that do not need to be present in everyday life. Contraception of any sort is something that can be abused or used in moderation. Conservative religious politicians believe that even when given access to birth control, one would abuse it for uninhibited sex and personal gain rather than being self-respecting and aware of one’s sexual safety.

Religious conservatives insist that their growing opposition to contraception is not the product of some sort of puritan, anti-sex agenda. What they are concerned about, they claim, is irresponsible sexual indulgence. They decry what they see as a culture of mindless promiscuity spawned by the advent of effective and easily available birth control.” (Lockitch) Other conservatives acknowledge that contraception such as the Pill or the IUD “are tools that can be used rationally or abused--and used properly it enables people to be more responsible about sex” (Lockitch). Moreover, sex is a natural yet serious occurrence in the lives of mankind. Birth control allows for sex to become safer and gives ways for everyone to engage in...
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