Review a Range of Different Assessment Methods Available and Explain the Ones You Would Use for Your Subject Area. Evaluate the Use of Assessment Methods in Different Contexts, Including Reference to Initial Assessment.

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  • Published : March 31, 2011
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Review a range of different assessment methods available and explain the ones you would use for your subject area. Evaluate the use of assessment methods in different contexts, Including reference to initial assessment. Justify the types of assessment records you would complete and explain why.

Brown states that Assessment is probably the most important thing we can do to help our students learn. We may not like it, but students can and do ignore our teaching (Brown & Smith 1997). All my learners undergo various forms of assessment including formative and summative. According to the New2Teaching organisation There are several reasons why teachers assess pupils' progress. Some of these reasons include: * to find out about the pupils as individuals

* to find out how pupils learn
* to monitor and provide evidence of the progress pupils make in their learning * to enable constructive guidance about how pupils can improve * to inform future planning
* to enable teachers to evaluate the provision they make * to enable focused communication with others, including the pupils themselves (New2Teaching [online] Accessed13/11/09)
Formative assessment is ongoing assessment. Formative assessment informs both teachers and students about student understanding at a point when timely adjustments can be made. These adjustments help to ensure students achieve, targeted standards-based learning goals within a set time frame (National Middle School association [Online] Accessed 12/11/09/09). It should enable progress to be regularly monitored and reviewed. The learner can then see what they need to develop further, before a final or summative assessment takes place. (Gravells 2008:76). I use initial interviews, the completion of initial assessment and diagnostic assessment to show areas in need of improvement and they would also complete a self assessment, which in most cases shows the same areas of weakness as in their diagnostic results....
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