A1 Assessor Award

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7317 – Vocational Assessors Award
Underpinning Knowledge Requirements ________________________________________

Q1.The way how I identify and use different types of evidences when carrying out assessments are by reading through all the chosen units assessment reports to have a clear understanding of the criteria/elements which the candidate must meet. The different types of evidences which can be used are, Task Statements, Work Product/Work Evidences, Observations, Supplementary Evidences, Questionnaires, Professional Discussions and also Witness Statements.

Q2.When comparing different types of evidences, I make sure the work product covers either, the Skills and Techniques or the Performance Indicators depends on the NVQ course, this get done on both the mandatory unit as well as the unit the candidate is working on. This is done by me checking the evidence against the Assessment Report and referencing the elements which have been met.

Q3.When it comes to me collecting evidence I normally get my candidates to print their evidences in black and white instead of colour to save the cost of their ink cartridge. If possible I would also ask them to print double sided to save paper. I always ask my candidates if they have created any sort of evidence prior to our meeting, that way I could see if the evidence is suitable for the task and if its meets any of the elements on the assessment report if so this saves a lot of time on the candidate behalf if not, I do set my candidates deadlines for them to meet, so that way then can complete to hand over evidences.

Q4.If a candidate has completed evidences prior to the assessment process I would ask them to demonstrate how they started and completed the task. I would also have a Professional Discussion with them to cover certain Performance Indicators as well as getting a Witness Statement completed by a person high then the candidate, someone who can confirm that the candidate was able tackle this task. Depends on the unit, I would sometimes also give Questionnaires to them to cover their Knowledge and Understanding.

Q5.To develop and agree assessment plans with the candidates I consider all Performance Indicators and Skills and Techniques for each chosen unit, I then advise them on the assessment methods which will be used to collect the evidence and also a date/time of completion is set and agreed by both the candidate and myself.

Q6.To assess the performance of my candidate I observe them while they are tackling the work evidence and I also question them this could either be verbal or written. Through this method I can pin point their performance against specific parts of the standard.

Q7.The source of action which I would take with my candidates to help them develop their competency would be to give them extra training on specific areas which they lack knowledge in and also set them task where I could observe them on that particular training to see whether or not they understood to concept and learnt from the training. I would also question them to confirm they understanding. By doing this I can make sure the candidate will be able to meet the criteria/element.

Q8.Different candidate have different needs, some need more training and guidance than others. So when changing assessment procedures all aspect must be considered. For example I have a candidate who is a Personal Assistant for a Head Teacher in a school which I assess in. I show her the Action Plans and Assessment Reports and explain the criteria/element which she must meet, she is able to produce evidence instantly due to IT knowledge and job role, this candidate need very little training in her Business and Administration course as long as I explain what is required from her and her work products/work evidences. However I then have a candidate who is a receptionist at a medical centre, this candidate has dyslexia and needs a huge amount of training and guidance, especially...
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