Review Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher/Trainer/Tutor in Terms of the Teacher Training Cycle

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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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Theory Question 1

Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher/trainer/tutor in terms of the teacher training cycle.

Knowles (1980) defines teaching as “a process if designing and managing learning activities”. The subject specialism of the teacher is in the delivery of first aid training in the adult public and private sector. This domain of training will be discussed utilising the teacher training cycle within this subject delivery and it’s client group.

The training cycle utilised within the teachers role is partly predetermined by the students employers and legal guidelines of the subject matter as set out by the health and safety executive.

Lesson plan’s need to be devised and written to clearly define the aims and objectives of each course in order to facilitate effective learning akin to the Collins dictionary definition of “knowledge gained by study, instruction or scholarship”.

Students attend courses under instruction from their employer, some delegates are keen to attend and learn whilst some attend in order to ‘tick a box’ or may have negative experiences from previous courses. Such negativity may be from poor previous course delivery by other teachers or through a lack of use of an effective learning cycle which may inhibit full comprehension and knowledge retention of the subject matter. In addition, the varied backgrounds and experiences of the students may, at times, make the group non cohesive and secular. An activity which may be utilised to overcome such fragmentation is an icebreaker. Such an activity may produce “a relatively permanent change in behaviour”. (Reid and Barrington, 1999).

At the commencement of a session the students existing levels of knowledge of the subject matter needs to be ascertained in order to ensure reflective observation by the teacher in order to better tailor the course content to the students needs. Such utilisation of student’s previous knowledge and experiences in addition to...
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