Review of Leadership in the Book Winning by Jack Welch

Topics: Leadership, Employment, Management Pages: 4 (1532 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Jack Welch’s book Winning offers management philosophy, best practices, and tips of avoidance through the stories of the former CEO of General Electric. This book is easy to follow and offers great explanations for many of the management challenges sure to face both today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. I found most of the concepts helpful, with my main interest falling in the section regard the human capital. A great business is nothing without a great workforce to back it. The key issues covered in this section include developing and motivating a team, leading them to greatness, as well as hiring that team to start and letting go of those that are not working out. Throughout the chapters Welch suggested the essential skill required for a great team is to be a great leader as exemplified throughout this segment. Leading employees means so much more than overseeing tasks and directing day-to-day action. Leadership is deeper, and more people focused than task focused. A great leader will help to motivate employees, drive them to their potential and celebrate their accomplishments. In the fifth chapter of Winning Welch focuses hard on leadership, narrowing the concept down to the main eight rule effective leaders should follow. I personally find the list a little simplistic, but I think it gives a great overview of the basic skills it takes to lead people in a positive direction. This early in my career as a leader I have found the most difficult task has been to motivate people and instill the same passion and dedication I have for the tasks I complete and the company for which I work. Jack Welch insists leaders must live the mission of the company and help the employees to do the same. Company missions are the capstone of the strategy; they explain the underlying goal, and even purpose of the company. Employees that do not see or live by the mission will not be able to truly understand the purpose of the organization and will not be able to live up to their full...
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