Retention of Knowledge Worker Need Better Management

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The purpose of this report is to portrait , the major challenge for an organization is to create new strategies to retain its Valuable, Experienced &Talented employees. The management can control employees quitting within no time, but can’t put a complete full stop to it…… The major burden is on HR MANAGER ,the role of HR manager’s role has become very crucial. They need to attract, mold, develop, retain and fulfill the expectations of "knowledge workers". It has become evident that the application of effective HRM practices in managing them can only lead the organization towards success. * This study Focus on, Role of the HR manager in following effective HRM practices. * Challenges faced by them in managing to retain a talented employee / Knowledge Worker, * A few suggestions to create new strategy to retain a talented employee would also be discussed .These objectives will be addressed in the following manner. * First, the literature on Knowledge worker & Knowledge management is reviewed. * Next, there is a discussion about Strategies to be followed by the HR Manager in Managing Knowledge worker * This is followed by the Retention of the Knowledge worker, problems & suggestions for the same * Finally, strategies for HR Managers to retain their knowledge workers along with concluding remarks, are presented. INTRODUCTION

Nowadays, organizations are capitalizing on knowledge-based work and knowledge workers are regarded as "Intellectual Capital". A knowledge worker helps the company in gaining competitive advantage over the others by developing business intelligence, getting knowledge of customer preferences, buying behavior and their expectations, increasing the value of intellectual capital and other variety of knowledge benefits that aid the business of the organization. Managing knowledge workers is indeed a difficult task as these people are more aware of the latest happenings, have high expectations and are more prone to switch to another organization if not satisfied. So, managing knowledge workers is one of the greatest challenges encountered by HR managers. If the HR department follows proper techniques and ways of managing knowledge workers can be enhanced and the overall efficiency of the organization can be improved. India’s economic growth is continuing at a rapid pace,This country of 1.1 billion people is now a major player in the world economy and is an important destination for Western companies. However, as more and more foreign firms enter India, its tight labor market is a major hurdle. White-collar salaries rose . Indian HR makes it vital to keep up with standard practices. This article will introduce the current state of retention of knowledge workers


Knowledge is always bound to human beings and impossible to digitalize. Once it is "explicated", it becomes information. InformationKnowledge
Static Dynamic
Independent of the individual
Dependent on individuals
Easy to DuplicateMust be re-created
Easy to broadcastFace-to-face mainly

Information| Knowledge|
Static| Dynamic|
Independent of the individual| Dependent on individuals|
Explicit| Tacit|
Digital| Analogue|
Easy to Duplicate| Must be re-created|
Easy to broadcast| Face-to-face mainly|

Figure 1: Distinguishment between Information and Knowledge (Sveiby, 1997, as cited in...
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