Retail Research Module Project: Color Plus

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  • Published : October 8, 2010
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Pearl Academy of Fashion

Retail Research Module Project
Brand - Color Plus
Date – 5 May 2010

Submitted to, Submitted by, M.Venkata Shreeram Swati Dubbani Mr. Balachandara.R PGFR 02


I thank to M. Vankata Shreeram & Mr. Balachandara.R for their immense support throughout the project. Without their support I wouldn’t have been able to complete successfully.


Executive Summary

Color Plus is not doing well in Raymond store which is situated on Mount road. I took up this topic as my project because Color plus is very well known brand and widely known for its innovative techniques in spite of all this it is not doing well created a interest to know the reasons behind it. In 1993 Color Plus was launched by Viju Mahtaney and Rajan Mudaliar. It is one of India's leading casual wear brands for Men & Women. They deal in shirts, trousers, knits, survival gear and accessories. Recently it has come up with a CP Kids wear also. In 2003, Raymonds acquired Color Plus brand. The objective of this project is to find out the reason why it is not doing well in Raymond store which is opp. to Spencer Plaza, Mount Road, Chennai. For the research I have done secondary & primary research. In secondary research information is gathered by using Internet & Books. Secondary research helped me to familiarize with brand more clearly which includes the factors like their retail history, 4p’s, STP, Brand Strategy etc. It also helped me to lay down the foundation for primary research. While primary research was done by conducting personal interviews of customers in that store only & the sample size was 30.In questionnaire the questions were only closed response questions & the survey is conducted only for boys. From the research done I could say that following are the major reason for Color Plus not doing well in the store. I. CP consider more expensive among other casual wear brands. II. Customers prefer other casual wear brands over CP as the other brands do promote. III. Customers often buy from factory outlet than showroom. So I conclude that due to frequent discount offers given in factory outlets the customers are buying from there as they are finding it expensive in showrooms & Color Plus is lacking in promotions which is directly hitting the sales as their is cut throat competition among brands so the more the promotion and advertisement more the brand recall is what lacking in this brand. III

I recommend that they should do frequent promotions & intense advertisement which will solve their problem to an extent as being a part of Raymond premium group & one of the most innovative brands it cannot afford to reduce its prices & by this they can get their customers back which are going to factory outlets. Contents

1. Title Page
2. Acknowledgements
3. Executive Summary
4. Table of Contents
5. Chapter 1 - Introduction
a. Introduction to the brand
b. Introduction to project objectives
c. Reasons for choosing the brand and the project, if any 6. Chapter 2 – Brand
d. Brief history, with details relevant to project
e. Retail history for brand in India and across the world f. 4Ps
g. STP
h. Overall brand strategy (Cost-leadership vs. Differentiator, Focused vs. Unfocused) i. Any other relevant details
7. Chapter 3 – Research Methodology
a. Research problem with relevance to brand
b. Research objectives and hypotheses
c. Research design
d. Questionnaire design
e. Sampling design
8. Chapter 4 – Research Analysis
f. Secondary Research
g. Primary Research – Statistics of number of respondents, place where questionnaire was administered h. Data analysis
i. Research results
9. Chapter 5 – Conclusions/Recommendations
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