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Project Report
Online Library Management System

DOEACC Society Chandigarh Center, Branch Office Lucknow

Project Guide Submitted By

Mr. Sanyam
Shailendra Pratap Singh


A successful completion of this project is attributed to the great and indispensable help received from different people.

I would like my sincere thanks to my project guide Mr. Chandrabhushan Sir for their constant guidance and valuable support throughout the project work.

And of course nothing could have been true without support of my family, friends and batchmates for their continuous encouragement and useful tips throughout my project.

Shailendra Pratap Singh


1. Introduction 4-8 Purpose
Technology Used

2. Data base description 09-11

3. User interface(snapshots) 12-31

4. Coding 32-71

5. Future scope 72-73 Future scope of application
Software scope

6. Conclusion 74

7. Bibliography 75


The purpose of this application are as follows :
1. The software is for automation of library.
2. It provides following facilities to

1. Can view details related to a particular book.
2. Can request for membership or issue of a book.

1.Can read and write information about any
2. Can update, create, delete the record of
membership as per requirement and implementation

Scope :
The different areas where we can use this application
are :

• Any education institute can make use of it for
providing information about author, content of the
available books.

• It can be used in offices and modifications can be
easily done according to requirements.

Technology Used :

Front End:

Back End:
SQL Server 2005


• This application is used to convert the manual
application to the online application.

• Customized data will be used in this application.

• User does not have right to enter information
about books.

Overview :

Project is related to library management which provides
reading services to its members. Any person can become a
member of the library by filling a prescribed form.
They can get the book issued, so that they cab take home
and return them.

Functionality :

• Online membership.

• Keeps the track of issues and submission of books .

Data base description:-

1. Author Table

2. Book Stock Table

3. Book Stock Bill Table
4. Issue Return Table

5. Publisher Table

6. Member Type Table

7. Member Table
8. Book Stock Detail Table

9. Faculty Table

10. Student Table

User interface(snapshots):-

1. Author Form


2. Book Stock Form


3. Book Stock Bill Form


4. Book Sock Detail Form


5. Faculty Form


6. Student Form


7. Member Form


8. Member Type

8. Publisher Form

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