Results of My Big Five Personality Test

Topics: Personality psychology, Anxiety, Psychology Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Big 5 Personality Test
Brandy Jefferson
PSYC305 Motivation & Leadership
Devry University

After taking the Big 5 Personality test it described me as being a type with neuroticism. Of course I was not pleased with the results because it described me as being someone who is anxious, temperamental, self-conscious, a worrier, emotional, vulnerable, and highly strung (Manning & Curtis, 2009). Some of this is in fact true but I also scored highly in conscientiousness, extroversion, and agreeableness but neuroticism had the highest of all of them. According to the text my personality is highly influenced by heredity (Manning & Curtis, 2009). It also states that my personality is not the best fit for being a leader. I tend to shy away from being a leader anyway and it doesn’t bother me one bit. The upside of my personality is that I am very careful and put a lot of thought into the decisions I make about anything. I don’t think that people with my personality type are all that bad. We just have to find healthy ways to control our anxiety and emotions. The downside is that I am very defensive at times and have a hard time trusting others. According to an article I found people who have my personality type are also more prone to abuse illegal substance, higher inflammation in the body, and have an increased mortality rate (Castillo, 2012). As I said this puts me on the bottom totem pool as far as being a leader because I don’t handle myself well in that arena. Due to the fact that my personality is this type I prefer to work alone and I am always closed off in my office from my co-workers. I am always friendly and cordial but because of how I am I tend to shy away from trying to be in any leadership positions. I noticed that every job that I have taken my supervisor always has to pull me into the office about being defensive and I am getting tired of it now so I have to find a way to control my emotions and still be productive. In...
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