Servant Leadership Ldr-630

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Servant Leadership
Grand Canyon University:

Women and Servant Leadership

Thesis statement
There are many great leaders that have led a plethora of individuals or companies to greatness. After researching most of these great leaders that have utilized servant leadership, but most of them were men. As aspiring women in our great country I want become a great female leader and take many to greatness. I want utilize my knowledge and experience to meet this goal and groom and teach other women how to achieve the same accomplishment so that history can be written to show that there has and will continue to great women leaders. Servant Leadership is where the leader feels the need to take care of the needs of their employees. It has been proven in such organizations such as GE that this method works. Their employees basic needs were taken care of and addressed. This allowed the employees to feel appreciated and they were able to productive at the same time. Situational Leadership in comparison to Servant Leadership is different in some ways but can still get the same end result. Using Situational Leadership you have to tailor the management style based off the person you are working with and their limitations as well as the skill of the leader. Dwight Eisenhower used this type of leadership to get the results that he wanted when e was a general as well as the 34th president of the United States. Charismatic Leadership is one of the most modern styles used and is different in many ways then the other styles that are used. The leader uses their charm a likeability to get their employees or followers to be productive Bill Clinton was famous for using his charm and wit to get the American people to follow him when he was president as well as today.

I currently work for an organization that employs 8,000 people across the United States. Our vision is to educate people so that they can better themselves as well s their neighborhoods or surroundings. Servant Leadership is used at my company n many ways. Our leadership understands that if they know what our needs are and they are able to fulfill those basic needs they will get better production from the employees. This company is very transparent and allows us to voice our needs and they show us when they are catering to our needs. They will also send out surveys periodically to see if they are meeting our needs. It has been proven within my company if our needs are met then we are serving our clients and allowing them to meet the goals they have set forth when they accept our services. The end result is we are meeting our goals as well as adhering to our vision by seeing our clients graduate as well as pursue careers to help make t better for them as well as the communities and intern making it a better productive United States.

Understanding is what all great servant leaders have. Compassion understands what someone is going through. Empathy is also being aware of a situation and being sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of those involved. Empathy is simply placing yourself in the situation and treating the situation in a way you would want it to be treated if the roles were reversed. “A good servant leader will be empathetic to his people and not reject them as people when forced to reject their behavior or performance” (Davies, 2006). Moving on, the third trait we are going to talk about is awareness. Being aware of what is going on around you at all times is a very difficult task. Some would say it is impossible to be aware of everything at all times. However, an essential trait of a servant leader is awareness. A servant leader is always on top of any new information that will help the common goal. Being as aware of all changes and possible outcomes of decisions allows the servant leader to make better decisions. When you are able to understand how each decision made will affect another, you are able to make decisions that are...
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