Result of Anger Scale in a Seminar on Human Resource Development Management: A Key to Achieving Organizational Success

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Result of Anger Scale in a Seminar on Human Resource Development Management: A Key on Achieving Organizational Success

by Dr. Marita Garcia-Sanchez


Achievement in one’s work depends on many external and internal reasons. These external reasons can be improved by reading a lot of materials to improve our health conditions in both the physical and mental functions. On love and play, we can overcome the boredom and decrease in our adaptability to environment by enhancing our sociability, friendships, hobbies and sports activities. In short, the underlying forces of hardiness we feel and experience due to pressures of work should be balanced between love and play in order to prevent Psychological hardiness (Gladstone, 1978).

In a Seminar on Human Resource Development Management conducted by the business students major in HRDM conducted on November 28, 2012 at Villia Diana Hotel, Cordon Isabela, the topic on “Choosing the Career Path” was assigned to me as their guest lecturer. Since the participants were all majors in Human Resource Management, and very eager to know the rudiments of the career paths in this course, the following content parts of the three hour-period given the speaker was apportioned into three categories:

I.Testing using the Novaco Anger Scale of Dr. Raymond W. Novaco of the Program in Social Ecology at the University of California, USA
II.Lecture/ Discussion on HRDM focus on Choosing the Right Career Path and Achieve Organizational Success III.Reflections of Participants after knowing the Pros and Cons of Successful Introspection on their self, about their relations to others and their environment and the requirements of experiences from jobs to careers, and to the top consultancy and partnership with other professionals of the same levels they meet for organizational success

To reach the career path, one should always start with “Entry Level” by being a staff, assistant, associate, and...
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