Behavior Therapy and the Changes in Psychology

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Behavior Therapy and the
Changes in the Field of Psychology
Roderick J. Smith
Columbia College
Behavior therapy is a clinical approach that can be used to treat a variety of disorders, in various types of settings, and with a wide range of special population groups. A number of disorders have been successfully treated by using this approach. The popularity of psychotropic drugs is contributing to the growing risk of prescription drug addiction. This paper will discuss some of the specific contributions of behavior therapy as well as some of the problem areas where this approach is particularly effective and the changes it will make in the field of psychology (Corey, 2005).

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Behavior Therapy and the Changes in the Field of Psychology

I believe that the most significant change in the field of psychology will be the decrease in the use of psychotropic drugs and the increase in the popularity of coping skills. Behavior therapy has made some significant contributions to psychology that cannot be ignored. According to the text, behavior therapy has made some significant contributions to health psychology, especially in helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle (Corey, 2005, p. 259). Behavioral medicine, the wellness movement, and approaches to holistic health is said to incorporate behavioral strategies as part of their practice (Corey, 2005, p. 259). One of the major contributions of behavior therapy is its emphasis on research and assessment of treatment outcomes. The practitioner’s responsibility is to demonstrate that the therapy is indeed working (Corey, 2005, p. 259). If the practitioner recognizes that progress is not being made then he or she will take another look at the original analysis and treatment plan (Corey, 2005, p. 259). The text also tells us that of all the therapies...
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