Restructuring the Marketing Function for Greater Efficiency

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Restructuring the Marketing Function for Greater Efficiency

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents2
Executive Summary4
Task 15
Identify the key challenges and issues that changes in the marketing environment pose for both the relationships within the marketing department and those with other departments.5
Evaluate the effect of these relationships on marketing performance and so identify the implications for the current marketing team structure5
Economic instability and increase of demand5
Changes in technological knowledge within the market6
Supplier price changes7
London Olympics 20127
Task 29
Critically analyse the differences between management and leadership in relation to the operation activities of the marketing function.9
Management and Leadership within Company X9
Recommend, with justification, how the marketing team should be restructured and how processes would be reviewed in the future to enable continuous improvement10
Proposed Restructure10
Data management10
How processes will be reviewed10
Marketing Support Executive and North-Based Events Presence11
How processes will be reviewed11
Task 312
Describe the role and relationships of the Marketing Manager during and after restructure.12
Sharing the knowledge12
Communicate and advise priorities12
Explain how a synergistic and harmonious team for marketing and relationships with other areas of the organisation would be established or improved.13
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Re-communicate the restructures and responsibilities13
Clear objectives13
One-to-one sessions13
Feedback forums14
Team building and socialising activities14
Task 415
Develop a talent management programme to support the implementation of a restructured marketing function and the on-going success of the marketing team.15
What is Talent Management?15
The Talent Management Programme16
Combat any effects of “Survivor Syndrome”16
Empowering other departments – the brand forum16
The role of the marketing function17
Training Delivery Seminar for the Marketing Support Executive17
Data and Legalities course for data management17
Task 518
Prepare a budget for the talent management programme, and justify the process used.18
How the budget will be managed19
Task 620
Critically evaluate your own personal development needs in relation to managing the restructured marketing function20
Personal Development Plan – To support the restructured marketing function20
Area for development20
Reason for development20
Actions that will be taken20
Further benefits20
Appendix 121
Overview of the organisation21
Company X Mobile21
Company X Hosted IT21
Company X Today – The Cloud Experts21
Target market/Customer Base21
Position in the market in relation to its competitors21
Current product/service range22
Product proposition:22
PESTEL Analysis – External Marketing Factors22
Appendix 223
The Marketing Function23
Figure 1: October 2011 Marketing Restructure function Organisation Chart24
Figure 2: January 2012 Restructure Marketing Function Organisation Chart25
Figure 3: The Proposed Restructured Marketing Function Organisation Chart26
Figure 4: Budget Review Process27
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Executive Summary

This report investigates the existing marketing function structure and appropriate changes to improve effectiveness and efficiency. The result of which is explained in detail with justification of the appropriate recommended actions to take. Company X has been doing through some drastic change and there are a number of external factors that are posing challenges to the business and affecting the marketing function. These include economic instability that is increasing demand, the increase of average customer size, more technological complexity...
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