Soccer School Business Plan

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Business Plan
School Holiday Courses
After School Clubs

January 2013


1. Summary

2. Business Overview
Current Position
Competitive Advantage
Growth Plan

3. Business Strategy
Strategic Issues
Core Values

4. Marketing
Market research
Distribution channels
Strategic alliances
Promotion plan
Marketing budget

5. Team and Management Structure
Skills, experience, training and retention

2. Summary

A Coaching programme that allows HRBFC to raise its profile, increase revenue and create a long term infrastructure that maintains quality and consistency with no financial outlay.

A coaching program that offers employment opportunities, creates loyalty and provides a clear pathway of youth through Academy to first team.

2. Business Overview


This business idea has been formulated as way of generating income for multiple people, providing employment opportunities, raising the Academy’s profile and also the profile of Hampton & Richmond Borough FC.

Utilising the wealth of experience of the staff within the existing Academy set up, and the numerous amounts of young, keen and influential academy players, we will be able to provide fun and enjoyable holiday courses at competitive rates that not only raise the name of HRBFC within the local community but also that of the academy for future recruitment of students.

Current Position

We are currently not running holiday courses at the moment, so we have no current position, however all key members of staff have run very successful holiday programmes over the last 10 years at various other locations and with other coaching companies.

Competitive Advantage

As mentioned, the staff involved with this project each have around 10 years of experience in running holiday programmes and knows what is required to promote the holiday courses at a minimum cost and ensure that they are run to the highest of standards.

With qualifications from Level 2 to A Licence along with the Youth Module Award, we know that we are more than qualified to ensure that the content of the holiday courses are of excellent value whilst being set in an environment that is enjoyable, exciting and allows for maximum learning.

Growth Plan

The below layout is a minimum target and will be run as so if it means that quality is ensured over quantity.

2012/13 Academic Year – 4 one week holiday courses – Easter, May H/T and summer. 2012/13 Football Season – Weekly Saturday Football Coaching Sessions (Summer Term)

2013/14 Academic Year – Holiday courses during every School Holiday period After School Clubs (minimum of 3) 2013/14 Football Season – Weekly Saturday Football Coaching Sessions Midweek Elite Coaching Sessions 3. Business Strategy

Our aim is to grow the number of participants on our holiday courses as quickly as possible. The majority of business on future courses will be generated through repeat business as well as ‘word of mouth’ recommendations as this is cost effective and also a good source of feedback on our services.

Initially we will promote our courses through school visits to local primary schools, using academy players to help run 30 minute teaser sessions to each class at each primary school. This strategy will be used as an on-going marketing tool as it is the most cost effective way of showing what we offer.

Utilising local knowledge from students within the existing academy set-up and staff at HRBFC, we are able to speak to the appropriate people within local educational establishments to ensure our project is supported as fully as possible.

Strategic Issues
At present, there are four companies that run school holiday courses in the surrounding area (see attached list). These schemes operate...
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