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Topics: Marketing, Product differentiation, International trade Pages: 15 (4346 words) Published: April 27, 2011
a) Investigation and analysis
Choose a brand of bicycle, either a single product or a line of products. Investigate and evaluate the marketing strategy of the producer/brand owner using contemporary marketing tools and techniques. This may however be illuminated using examples from other companies/ organizations. You can demonstrate the effectiveness of the reported policies for the chosen company by giving performance data against competitors in the market (e.g. market share, sales, profitability, etc.).

b) Recommendations
Your remit is to put forward your own suggestions covering changes in marketing strategy that will improve the future performance of the brand/ product/ product line for the benefit of the parent company and its stakeholders. Justify your choices again using contemporary marketing methods and techniques. These suggestions should be your own ideas but may include marketing tactics and strategies used by other successful organisations but in different industry sectors. You will put these suggestions, forward in a written report. Please do not just restate the strategies used buy your chosen firm but outline your own ideas for improved performance.

SWOT分析方法是一种企业内部分析方法,即根据企业自身的既定内在条件进行分析,找出企业的优势、劣势及核心竞争力之所在。其中,S代表 strength(优势),W代表weakness(弱势),O代表opportunity(机会),T代表threat(威胁),其中,S、W是内部因素,O、T是外部因素。


I. Abstract

II. Research Background and Problems Proposed

III. Problems of Bicycle Industry

IV. Background of BD BICYCLE CO., LTD

V. Organizational Structure of BD BICYCLE CO., LTD


VII. Industry Structure Analysis

VIII. The Marketing Strategies

IX. Conclusion

X. Reference


BD BICYCLE CO., LTD is a private enterprise established in 1990. Although it does not have a long history or take much of the market share in the free market competition, it has made some achievements and the product profitability. Facing the fierce competition, it should give priority to its management form. In this essay, I employ the market marketing of market segmentation and the theory of target market selection to determine the BD bicycle Co., LTD's target market, to analyze the major competitors. And by using the SWOT method, I analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the enterprise itself and the opportunities and threats of environment. Surely BD Bicycle Co., LTD should vigorously develop international market competition strategy. With the gradual integration of our country economy into the world economy, the small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprise enjoy the equal status, but the small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the strong competitive capability due to the lack of talent and experience. Although this essay makes a  research only on BD Bicycle Co., LTD's competition strategy, I believe that it will provide some references to the  rest of the small and medium-sized enterprises to figure out reasonable competition strategy, so as to participate in global market competition.

Key Words: competition strategy; SWOT Analysis

Research Background and Problems Proposed

Bicycles in China are the most widely used vehicles. Since 1949, China has set up its own bicycle industry, such as “PHOENIX” Bicycle Factory and “PERMANENCE” Bicycle Factory in Shanghai and “FLYING PEJIUM” Bicycle Factory in Tianjin. They occupied 90% of the domestic market share for a very long time. China was then in an economic era of short supply. Owning a bicycle was many Chinese's dreams. At that time, they produced only three models, such as model 24, 26, and 28 and the color of the bicycles is also monotonous, almost only black. Even so, the bicycle was still falls short of demand. In the late 1970s, provinces and cities began to establish local state-owned bicycle factory. After reform and opening-up, China government began to make policies attract foreign investments to joint ventures in the mainland China,...
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