Restaurant Review

Topics: Chocolate cake, Restaurant, Food Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: March 12, 2013
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Toucan Charlie’s Buffet and Grille
Whether you love everything, or you’re pickier- there is always a great selection of fine foods for everyone at Toucan Charlie’s Buffet and Grille. The atmosphere at Toucan Charlie’s truly is unique and the jungle theme only makes it stand out more from the competition. The service is exceptional. Toucan Charlie’s Buffet and Grille is definitely a restaurant I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Approaching the restaurant, the first thing that I immediately noticed was the theme, I saw palm trees standing up to the ceiling, rock walls and plants everywhere, this gave it a unique atmosphere. The second thing I noticed was that there was a line to pay and another line to be seated, instantly this showed that the restaurant was popular. After being seated, I was very surprised that I couldn’t smell any smoke, although it was very strong on the casino floor. When I walked into Toucan Charlie’s Buffet and Grille, I truly was amazed by the size of the buffet and the surprising selection. As I walked through the buffet, deciding what I will pick; every dish that I saw looked better than the previous one, I simply couldn’t decide what to eat. On that night their specialty was steak and seafood, so I started out with prime rib, and it was amazing, as I tasted it, I felt like I was eating at a steakhouse. Up next were the crab legs, snow and Dungeness. Although I did enjoy them, the only downside for me was that my server didn’t have metal crackers. After eating so much, I really was stuffed but I completely forgot about the desserts! The dessert station was enormous, and the selection- I couldn’t dream of a better one. I tried the carrot cake, German chocolate cake, 3 types of cheesecake, and plenty of éclairs. The one dessert that really stood out for me was the éclairs, because they were so big, I could barely fit 3 of them onto my plate.

The moment I was seated, my busser greeted me...
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