Restuarant Review

Topics: Psychology, Stanford prison experiment, Stanford University Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The Stanford Prison Experiment a good passage based on 22 people who participated in a selected from an initial pool of 75 people, who answered to a newspaper advertise asking for males to participate in a psychological study of 'prison life' in return for payment of $15 per day.Each person completed an questionnaire on his family background, physical and mental health history, prior experiences and attitudinal tendencies with respect to sources of psychopathology including their involvements in crime. Each person was also interviewed by one of two experimenters.The 24 people who were judged to be most stable physically and mentally, most mature, and least involved in antisocial behaviors were selected to participate in the study.Half the people were assigned to be the guard in the experiment and the other half was the prisoners. The people were normal, healthy, male college students who were in the Stanford area during the summer. They were largely of middle-class people with the exception of one person. All the people in the experiment were all strangers to each other.The analysis is based upon 10 prisoners and 11 guards in the experimental conditions.The prison was built in a 35-foot section of a basement in the psychology building at Stanford University. It was split by two fabric walls; that was fitted with the only entrance door to the cell block and the other had a small observation screen. Three small cells (6 x 9ft) were made from converted laboratory rooms by replacing the doors with steel barred, black painted ones.
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