Evaluation of 29th Street Cafe

Topics: Cooking, Food, Nutrition Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Evaluation of 29th Street Café

29th Street Café is a small privately owned diner that is located near my home. It has been open for as long as I can remember. Their hours are a little odd for a restaurant; they are open from Tuesday to Sunday between afternoon and early the next morning, which is good for me because I am a night person due to working a 3rd shift job. The diner has a highway truck stop feeling to it, like a mom and pops style diner. Twice a month my wife and I meet a friend for breakfast at this diner. Since my first visit I have looked at several things to evaluate to keep me going back, some of these things include the service, food and cleanliness.

Every time I go to this diner the service is the first thing I notice. Normally after walking through the door and finding a seat, a server is with us in just a minute or two. The server is right there for us, if we need anything. We find that the staff is fun to be around and they treat us like we are friends or family, joking, laughing, and having a good fun time. Since they are open throughout the night there can be some issues that arise because of crowds from the bars and clubs. Sometimes it can be a loud place and if there are a lot of people then we may have to wait for service because there is only one server. The crowds from the bars and clubs can get unruly at times and cause problems with other customers but the staff tries to keep it a calm and fun place.

When looking at the menu, sometimes I have trouble deciding on what to choose. The reason why is their menu consists of mainly comfort food like what we grew up with when our parents made us dinner as kids. When I think of food from a restaurant I think of a quick cooked meal that tastes nothing like what I think it should. The food here is more like home cooked meals. The portions are larger than what many other restaurants provide. Sometimes the food is not what we expect like being cold, undercooked, overcooked or just not...
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