Restaurant Case Study

Topics: Chef, Food, Food quality Pages: 16 (5926 words) Published: January 29, 2013
By Chew Chia Wen, Gayle Ang Ru-Ching, Irene Tok Ling Ling & Siw Lee Fang

(A) Case Study Framework

Background The people behind the successful Michelangelo’s are Mr. Michel Hadley and Mr. Angelo Sanelli. Michelangelo’s, which is situated at Holland Village, 44 Jalan Merah Saga, 01-60 Chip Bee Gardens, is a crowd-drawer every night. It was opened in Sept 15,1995 and has since bagged several awards. (refer to Appendix 3 for the list). Michelangelo’s serves Australian-Italian cuisine and offers the widest selection of wines in any restaurant in South East Asia. Its candle lit interiors with the ceiling bearing exquisite paintings create a charming atmosphere for dating couples and family dinners. With Michelangelo’s success, the two owners have decided to open another two restaurants, which are Sistina Pizzeria and Original Sins on either side. Sistina Pizzeria is Singapore’s first gourmet pizza restaurant while Original Sins serves Mediterranean vegetarian food.

Purpose Singapore is well known for being a Food and Shoppers’ Paradise. Due to the increasing number of eateries entering into the F&B industry in Singapore, we propose to conduct this case study research to understand how Michelangelo’s strive to maintain a competitive edge in this industry. The reason for choosing Michelangelo’s is that it is well established and provides good food as well as quality service.

Objective Through this case study research, we aim to be able to gather information on: 1. Factors that contribute to Michelangelo’s success 2. Aspects of the restaurant that attract the customers to dine there. 3. The marketing strategies adopted by Michelangelo’s and their plans for the future. 4. The managerial decisions made during the running of the business.

Proposed Methodology Qualitative Research- Management Interview We propose conducting in-depth interviews with the owners of Michelangelo’s and the people at its management level as it would enable us to gain a better idea of what the owners are thinking or why they decided to act in a certain way. Moreover, indepth interviews allow us to obtain unrestricted comments or opinions and ask

questions that will help us better understand the various dimensions of the owners’ opinions as well as the reasons for them. These interviews are conducted at the different outlets so that we will get a feel of the management at each of these outlets. This will widen our understanding of the restaurants thus enabling us to do a more detailed report. Please refer to Appendix 1 for the list of questions. Informal interviews will be conducted with the current customers who patronize Michelangelo’s to find out what they think of the restaurant and the service being offered. We would also interview potential customers to get a brief exposure of the public’s opinion of Michelangelo’s. The target of this group of interviewees will be residents in or near Holland Village as well as tertiary students. Please refer to Appendix 2.

Time Frame The study on Michelangelo’s will be carried out from February to April, a total of three months. This is to ensure that more information can be gathered and with a greater level of accuracy. Each interview session will last for approximately two hours due to time constraints. We estimate that at least six interview sessions will be conducted over the next three months.

(B) Abstract

The Italian Michelangelo Buonarotti viewed as the supreme Renaissance artist conjures up an image of the famous statue of David or brings to mind places like the Sistine Chapel and the Pauline Chapel. The name Michelangelo is renowned in artistic circles. In Singapore, there is also a Michelangelo who is renowned for another type of art form –namely Singaporean’s first love- food. This project is based on a case study of the Italian restaurant- Michelangelo’s. It looks at the various aspects of the restaurant, namely: Mr. Angelo D Sanelli, the man behind...
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