Our Experience of Visiting a Restaurant

Topics: Food, Meal, Hors d'œuvre Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: November 6, 2011
As we walked into the restaurant we were immediately greeted by "Sue" welcoming us to the restaurant we experienced no wait time. Restaurant was upbeat with a friendly atmosphere. Sue introduced us to "Tom" our waiter who immediately sat us down with menus and took our drinking orders. Quickly we were brought our drinks with chips and salsa as appetizers. Tom explained in detail the special's for the evening.

After ordering our meals we enjoyed the lively upbeat music of the restaurant. The friendly staff smiled as they passed by our table. Tom refilled our drinks without hesitation. Our meals arrived at our table the food was at perfect tempature and portions were appealing. The food was not salty and was perfect to taste. Tom made sure we had all the condiments needed for our meals and returned to make sure we were satisfied. Our drinks continued to be refilled throughout our meal. I ordered the steak which was cooked to perfection. My husband had the chicken which was tender and perfect taste. Our overall experience was ranked at 9 out of 10 score. Would return again!

The enticing elixir was such an intoxicant that I became feint from giddiness

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