Respond to a Letter of Complaint

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Machine Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: November 25, 2010
I feel sorry to hear that your family trip to Tivoli turned out to be a disappointing one. It is true that only 11 of the 24 various entertainment rides were running on that day unfortunately due to the technical failures of the machines. By further checking the entertainment rides we found that we could not risk using the machine that day and had to change some parts for the machine to run again. We couldnot inform at the entrance as the technicians were still working on the machines(you may probably have noticed people working to fix the machines) and there was a hope that we could run the machine that day. But on late afternoon, we found out that the machine could not be repaired that day so we informed at the gate. we are hearing a little bit of problems at some of the food outlets. And we came to know about your story from one of the co-worker of that outlet. I again apologise for the inconvenience that you had to suffer due to some technical problems and the bad customer service. After reading through your letter and knowing the circumstances I had conversation with managers of Tivoli and we decided to give your family free tickets to enter and play all the entertainment games with a free dinner in any of the restaurants for your family when Tivoli opens again next summer. I have enclosed the free passes to enter and play the entertainment ride along with the FREE DINNER FOR YOUR FAMILY IN ANY OF THE OUTLETS. We aim to satisfy our customers with quality in entertainment, food and service. I am looking forward seeing you again next summer in Tivoli and enjoying with your family.
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