Reservation System

Topics: Indian reservation, The Driver, Computer reservations system Pages: 10 (1887 words) Published: February 1, 2011
The 8008 Tours and Transportation Services

Leader: Lester Carlo C. Lomboy
Roy Pusing
Jeffren Aratea
Krismark Lacorte
Czarina Sumile
Katrina Ocampo

I. Introduction
A. Company Background

Mrs. Pilar Cuevas Pusing is the owner of The 8008 Tours and Transportations Services. She is a graduate of BS Tourism in Polytechnic University of the Philippines in 1983, was married to Mr. Ramon Minggoy Pusing a tourist bus driver and bore 5 children; they decided to star their own business in 2000.

In 2000, the 8008 Tours and Transportation Services were born. Their initial capital was Php 30,000 for the rent, revolving gas, parking, salary and miscellaneous with one car and one van. They started with 2 employees and a table space in Gymland Travel renting Php2500 monthly. With blessings from God, the company has grown and includes 11 drivers and staff. Latter part, she was able to manage by herself the sales, accounting, and tour guiding as well. From one car and one van, they now have seven vans, two innovas, two vios, three altis, and a Mitsubishi Coaster. Also, they are member of Philippine Tourism Association.

The 8008 Tours and Transportation Services offer the most economical transportation to its clients on a case-by-case basis, without utilizing company-owned equipment. The typical 8008 t is interested in minimizing their transportation spending and maximizing their leverage, while increasing the level of service to their customers. They almost cater all kinds of transportation and services around Luzon. This includes different functions like air pail, teambuilding/events, bridal and more. Their clients came from the travel agency, corporate and local as well as through the referral of friends and families.

B. 1. Statement of The Problem

The purpose of the study is to make a reservation system which can be used by the 8008 Tours and Transportation services in their daily routine such as time table, schedules, itineraries, transactions and the likes.

This should answer the following questions:

Why do we need reservation system in the 8008 Tours and Transportation Services?

1.1 What will be the contents of the reservation system? 1.2 How is the company going to benefit with reservation system? 1.3 Will the system be a user friendly?
1.4 Will this be something that could be of long term use?

2. System Objectives
The main objective of this study is to make a working reservation system that will provide the necessary needs of the company to ensure the integrity of information, transactions, and schedules. Objectives:

1. To give the company an easier may in terms of logging their reservation through the use of the system 2. To provide the business advance may of storing their transactions by means of our new system. 3. To be able for the company to have a more protective way of securing information’s that they need from their clients like contacts information’s, address and person information.

3. Scope and Limitation

This thesis compile with the researchers started last August 7, 2010. We the students of Adamson University are the respondent of this research.
The scope and limitations of this reservation system was made to provide a systematic way of tracking the transactions on their company specially on keeping the records up to date. It will also constitute the details of when do the customers requested for their service, the client asking for the service, the destination that they would like to go, which car would be suitable for the client considering the capacity of people who will be toured, the cars plate number since color coding should also be considered, the driver who is skilled and trained on the route going to the...
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