Carinderia Sanitation

Topics: Hygiene, Philippines, Partnership Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Background of the Study
Relevant question will be answered in this study in light of sanitation Practice of Selected small scale eatery in the vicinity of PCU Manila having answered these questions will be able to contribute to costumer health conformance.

The Pinoy Big Brad started in September 2012, it was a partnership business owned by Mr. Aldrin Ramos and Mr. Carlos Arsolon. They choose this kind of business because of the positive customer of the respective area that they choose, Malvar Street corner San Pedro which are students, employee, construction workers, ofw employee and jeepney drivers. Mr. Aldrin is 34 years old and single and his business partner Mr. Carlos Arsolon is 34 years old, separated and has 2 kids. The Pinoy Big Brad have 6 Helpers, 2 food attendants, 2 waiters, 1 chef and 1 dishwasher. The Salary of each Helper is 150 pesos per day. The helper used serving spoons, clean trays, and clean rags. The researcher noticed that the helpers have clean fingernails and they use hairnet, aprons as well. the Facilities they have sliding door of food bain marie. The Pinoy Big Brad has a Business Permit, Health Card of employee and their Sanitary Permit is on process.

Mommy Glo Eatery started in 1993. With a 100,000 capital only , she choose this kind of business because she has a passion in food preparation and selling. her business is located in Leon Guinto Street at the back of PCU Manila which are students, employee, OFW applicant and jeepney drivers are passed by. Mommy Glo Eatery has 5 Helpers, 2 food attendants, 1 waiter, 1 chef and 1 dishwasher. The researcher noticed that the helpers have clean fingernails and they use aprons, clean hand towels, While in the Facilities they also have sliding door of food Bain Marie. Mommy Glo Eatery complied with a Business Permit and their Sanitary Permit.
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