Research Proposal : Online Store for Primark

Topics: Scientific method, Quantitative research, Research Pages: 5 (1519 words) Published: April 11, 2012
Research proposal
Online Store for Primark

Online shopping is becoming tremendously popular among customers. Major fashion retailers have established their online presence to expand their market. Primark is one of the fashion retailers having lowest prices among the high street brands. The aim of this study is to analyse the consumer shift from high-street shopping to internet shopping and evaluate how an online store can affect the retail business of Primark. RESEARCH QUESTION

The research question of this study is mentioned below in form of hypothesis. H0: Should Primark launch an online shopping store?
H1: Should Primark not launch an online shopping store?
Managing an online business falls under the category of Innovation and Change management. LITERATURE REVIEW
Since early 1990s, according to Chen & Chang (2003) e-commerce has tremendously grown and as a result the world retail infrastructure has been transformed rapidly. Although the Internet burst between 2000 and 2002 which slowed down the rage in the financial market, however the Internet infrastructure continues to grow. It has now become an integral part of the market strategic portfolio for many organizations. In this internet niche, to be and remain successful many retailers engage in business model reengineering to keep up with changes in how customers acquire goods and services. One of the customers approach these days is online shopping. Ward (2001) strongly suggests that consumers consider online shopping as a closer substitute of catalog shopping or traditional retail stores. A review of the initial literature research highlights that previously established firms can enhance their business by developing an online presence in addition to their current business practices. Any business activity done over the internet is called e-business. Canzer (2006) defines e-business as an organized effort of individuals to produce and sell, for a profit, products and services that satisfy the needs of society through the facilities available on the internet. Primark is one of the discount fashion retailer, with 214 stores and having opened six stores in the UK during the last quarter of 2010 only together with 2 in the Canary Islands, one in Germany, and one in the Netherlands. It has been observed generally that it targets the lower income category of the public and offers cheap clothing items often at discounted rates. Despite of its popularity, Primark has no online presence yet. The subject of this research study is to evaluate the potential of establishing an online shopping website for Primark. The most targeted market that is the low income level segment of the market would find themselves busy in their work schedules and could not find enough time to go shopping on the high street retail stores. In this situation, online shopping website could help them shop at their convenience anytime 24/7 which would ultimately increase the number of loyal customers for Primark as well as grow its revenues. RESEARCH METHODS

It is very important to design a research properly because the design provides a basis for the research. The design helps to determine a direction for the research leading towards reliable solution. Researchers adopt various methods and approaches for this purpose. In different situations, different data collection methods are required. Same methods applied to every problem cannot yield a good outcome. Generalization of the research is only achievable through selection and correct implementation of accurate methods. It is essential to provide a brief description of generally available methods before describing the methodology used in this research study. There are two research methods commonly applied and can be selected on the basis of research objective and subjects’ characteristics. Quantitative Research

Quantitative type of research involves collection of quantitative or numerical data that is usually collected...
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