Web Services and E-Shopping Decisions: a Study on Malaysian E-Consumer

Topics: Electronic commerce, Internet, Online shopping Pages: 15 (4800 words) Published: April 10, 2013
IJCA Special Issue on “Wireless Information Networks & Business Information System” WINBIS, 2011

Web Services and e-Shopping Decisions: A Study on Malaysian e-Consumer Arasu Raman
Faculty of Business and Accountancy INTI International University Putra Nilai, Malaysia

Viswanathan Annamalai
Information System Office INTI International University Putra Nilai, Malaysia

The trend of the new world starts with online purchasing that caters today‟s modern business and technological world. Econsumers are increasing tremendously around the world as the ways of purchasing become more user-friendly and the need for e-shoppers becomes more intense. The study focuses on perceptive and manipulating the decision of e-shoppers to create a base for marketers and consumers involved with Malaysian ebusiness market. Although Malaysia has been improving its Ecommerce and the IT industry, most of the citizens still maintain a certain degree of thought when it comes to online purchasing. The researchers used comprehensive survey data to collect and analyze the e-consumers‟ perspective of shopping decisions. A total of 230 valid feedbacks were obtained from the respondents with the study proves that there are many factors affecting online purchasing decision. As a result internet purchasing will still be a strong upcoming upon the synchronization and understanding of the issues by both e-marketers and econsumers. Keywords- e-consumers; online purchasing; e-marketing

to awareness and infrastructure availability that persuade consumers to involve in e-business activities. According to a report by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission, the rate of internet user‟s growth in Malaysia has been increasing rapidly from 3.5million users in the early years 2000 to 14.7million users in 2008, at a rate of 10.3% rise per annum. The statistics report from the commission also indicated that every household has about 2.51 average users. The key statistics indicates that out of all these users who use internet, 15.4% of people are e-consumer involved with purchasing from various entities in the web. Airline tickets were the most popular (54.7%) followed by online goods purchase (26.2%) and books (16.1%).

In today‟s world e-Business is transforming the ways the delivery of products and services along with customer expectations. Virtually overnight, e-businesses have reached the point where they are attempting to move beyond the traditional view of their customers to engage in more robust – and profitable -- customer relationships (Ragins, Johnson and Greco, 2003). Indeed, across the board, an increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are adopting Internet based business solutions to improve their performance and profitability (Johnston, Wade and McClean, 2007). Generally, emarketing is the result of information technology applied into traditional marketing; therefore, it affects the traditional way of marketing in two ways. Firstly, it increases efficiency in marketing functions and secondly, it transforms many marketing strategies. These resulted in creation of new business models that add customer value and increase company profitability. Econsumers shopping decision (also called online buying behavior and Internet shopping/buying behavior) refers to the process of purchasing products or services via the Internet. In Malaysia, due to the history of the nation itself, perhaps it is also not surprising to observe that internet is evolving as a prominent feature in the society (Floyd, 2003). On the contrary, we should accept online purchasing as a complex process, and require basic IT knowledge and requirements (credit card, computer) for people to buy products online. However, the focus of Malaysian government is on building up the platform required to support ebusiness. Malaysian e-consumerism is evolving at rapid rate due

In Malaysia, the elements of online purchasing are quite different....
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