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Topics: Research, Vermiform appendix, Puerto Galera Pages: 6 (1092 words) Published: March 10, 2012

In partial fulfillment for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, this study “Elizabeth’s Hideaway in Puerto Galera” prepared and submitted by Paul Bryan Dador, Morris Manuel Dimayuga, Royce Gerald Gahol, Ervin Pentino, Lyn Abelle Salazar, and Frances Elinor Salva is hereby examined and is recommended for an oral examination.

Dr. Norma L. Meñez
Research Adviser

Defended in an examination before duly constituted panel with grade of .

Dr. Mark Irvin C. Celis

Dr. Amada G. Banaag Mrs. Sofia R. Vizco
Member Member

Accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Mrs. Rhea Corina B. Mejia
Asst. Dean,CITHM

Thesis Abstract

Title: Elizabeth’s Hideaway in Puerto Galera
Total Number of Pages: 17
Authors: Dador, Paul Bryan C.
Dimayuga, Morris Manuel M.
Gahol, Royce Gerard D.
Pentinio, Ervin H.
Salazar, Lyn Abelle P.
Salva, Frances Elinor T.
Type of Document: Thesis
Name of Institution: Lyceum of the Philippines University
Address: Capitol Site, Batangas City

The researchers wanted to find out what makes the resort become a potential resort that can offer complete package for tourist. Elizabeth’s Hideaway is an interesting place to the researchers, because they, themselves experienced its wonders and this is a pioneering research to work on. This research can also serve as referent for students who will conduct the same study and resort owners will become aware on how to improve their resorts especially in Puerto Galera.

This research determines the potential of Elizabeth’s Hideaway in Puerto Galera. Specifically, in terms of the features offered by the resort, the problems they encountered during operation and the solution in order to lessen the problem.

The study utilized descriptive research method and utilized random sampling method. Questionnaires were the main tool in gathering information among two managers and thirty customers of the resort. The data gathered were tabulated and computed the weighted mean. Guests are satisfied with the features offered as accommodation, food and beverage, facilities and services. The problems encountered by the resort focused only on the insufficient number of lifeguards and supply of water and electricity. The possible solutions to lesser the problems encountered by the resort are in the maintenance of place and training of lifeguards personnel of the resort. Likewise, the management of the resort needs to conduct services and trainings for their personnel as safety and security and maintenance of the beach resorts.

In order to be a potential resort, it is recommended that the manger of Elizabeth’s Hideaway may employ additional life guard in order to ensure safety of their customers. Also they need to ensure availability of generator for their water and electricity maintenance. The municipality of Puerto Galera may do campaign to ensure that their beach resorts were given fair chances of marketing strategies. Future researchers may do similar research using other variables not mentioned in this research.

This piece of work would not have been possible without the help and support of the following persons and entities for which the researches express their deepest gratitude and profound acknowledgement.

Mrs. Rhea Corina B. Mejia, Associate Dean of the CITHM for her support and encouragement.
Dr. Norma Menez, the research adviser, who patiently gave scholarly guidance and motivation for the clarity and precision of the work.
Dr. Amada Banaag, Mrs. Sofia Visco and Dr. Mark Irvin C. Celis, the panelist during the pre-oral, for their suggestions and constructive criticism to improve the work.
Mrs. Abygail Manzano and Mr. Billy Festijo, who willingly offer their valuable comments and suggestions towards...
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