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The development of this report focuses on the process that needs to be implemented so that the advancement of strategic contingency solutions could be obtained which would eliminate the risk of severe incursion from happening. To begin with, in Chapter 2 the report will focus on the situation analysis of Fun Galore.

Chapter 3 will focus on Fun Galore’s SWOT analysis, the objectives set and time.

In Chapter 4 customer comprehension will be looked at. This deals with vital questions into understanding the targeted market.

Chapter 5 deals with customer care evaluation i.e. of Fun Galore’s services, and its guests complaints.

Chapter 6 shows the need for the Continuous Improvement Processes [CIP] system in Fun Galore.

Chapter 7 defines Kaizen, and lays out its benefits and explains ways of initiating it.

Chapter 8 looks at the aspect of service and quality in general. How can quality be managed through 5W’s and 1H questions and through these how quality assurance can be maintained.

Chapter 9 deals with the PDCA Cycle and its implementations at Fun Galore.

Chapter 10 deals with the 5s approach that improves the quality of the services provided.

Chapter 11 lays out guidelines that have been formulated for the recommendations.

Finally in Chapter 12, Recommendations and development of new strategies in regards to Fun Galore’s current situation will be advocated. Suggestions for future accomplishments are specified that could be beneficial as a whole to the system.


2.0 Situation Analysis of Fun Galore Group of Hotels
The tourism market has drastically changed over the past three decades in which Fun Galore claimed a good 50% share of the tourism market in the Caribbean Islands. Fun Galore focused all of its resources into catering for American and European tourists whose lifestyles and quality of services differed from the Asian tourists [mainly from China, Malaysia and South Korea]. The visitor arrival rate for these Asian tourists has grown by 50% in the past two years and is expected to grow in the next five years before leveling off. Fun Galore has failed to grasp and recognize this growing trend, therefore, a drop in the Asian client bookings has followed consistently over the past 6- 12 months. This has led to the FG group losing out on $US12 million per annum in gross earnings to three other smaller [less known] competitors situated in the Northern group of the islands.

Strategic redirection is an option FG has not adhered to over the past years. The state in which it is at the moment is a direct result of it. Adopting Strategic planning will provide a format for recognition of opportunities available; three fundamental questions that have to be asked are:

Where are we today?
Where do we wish to arrive, and when?
How do we get from here to there?

3.0 Where Are We Today?
FG needs to realistically analyse its current situation. This will be administered by performing a SWOT Analysis.

3.0.1 S-W-O-T Analysis
i.FG is a famous four star group of hotels in the Caribbean Islands. ii.Has been in business in the Caribbean Islands for the past three decades. iii.Despite the high and intense competition for tourists, FG has been able to claim 50% of the tourist market.

i.In regards to the previous group of tourists [Americans and Europeans], a benchmark had been set in the FG hotels, this is creating problems in understanding the new tourists demands. ii.In the past two years the overall complaints have increased to 85% and this is still increasing. iii.Hotels service procedures and code of behavior had thought to be of very high standards but this needs reviewing immediately. iv.There has been lack of concentration on staff training [both recruits and existing employees]. v.Supervisors overloaded with work other than what is in their job description.

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